Wednesday, October 9, 2013

It's Over...

Turn 6 Phase 4
Peter makes a D1 right bend.

Travis' HMG's fire on auto, hitting Roger with each.

Turn 6 Phase 5
Peter makes a D1 bend right.
Billy rolls onto his left side, taking damage. He slows to 15.
Jeff moves straight 1/2".

Turn 7 Phase 1
Peter maintains 65, scoring 2 points - he has 100 and wins the game.

Thank you ALL for playing! MH41 is being planned right now...

For those still "alive" at the end, would you like to go back into the rotation? I have 17 waiting AFTER MH41, so it will be a few events. I recommend getting back into line, so to speak, if you think you want in...

Congrats to Peter on the win, and hope the rest of you had fun!

Here's the link to the next event, if you want to follow along...

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