Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Getting Closer...

MH39 is down to 2 people and will end within a few turns regardless of who comes out on top...

I think it's close enough to the end that I can start doing some serious designing on this event.

Since this is the 40th event it will be Division 40. I am also going to make this a unique scoring event. You still get 20 points for a mobility kill and 40 points for a full kill, but you can also score points by driving fast.

Everyone will start at 40 mph. Whatever speed you are going during Phase 1 will determine how many points you get. You'll get 1 point for every full 10 mph over 40 you are going.

So if you start Phase 1 of a new turn at 60 you will get 2 points immediately. If you start at 95 you will get 4.

Now the down side... You lose 20 points for becoming a mobility kill and you lose 40 points for becoming a full kill (that is normal) but you also LOSE a point for every 10 mph UNDER 40 you are going...

If you start Phase 1 at 32.5 there is no change. If you are going 30 you lose 1 point. At 20 you lose 2 points. Driving in reverse counts as moving, so if you're going 20 in reverse you lose 2 points, not 6.

Win condition is the same - 80 points puts you on a 25 phase countdown to winning. At 100 you win immediately (full details are in the PBEM document).

Yes, you can win by just racing around the arena, but it will NOT be a race track. You would still have to maneuver around those trying to take you out, and drop weapons are NOT banned.

Also - if you lose control or otherwise lose speed out of your control you DO still lose points. The only exception is if you become a mobility kill or a full kill - you do NOT lose any points once you are stopped.

I have a couple of different arenas in mind, so look for a map to be posted soon... :-)


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

MH40 - still in the future...

Just wanted to give a quick update of the names I have on the waiting list...

If your name does NOT appear here and you want in a future event, be sure to email me!

Jeremy Hall
Billy H
Leon Adrian
Rick Cross
Rene Louviere
John Christensen
Jeff Rakow
Roger Burton West
Paul Spence
Joseph Reynolds
Travis Works
Jonathan Hendrix
Chris Johnson
Nicholas Lovell

I will start at the top and this event will have 6 to 8 (maybe more, depending on the event) and the others will automatically fall into the top slots for MH41.

You are welcome to sign up if you've ever played in one of my events or not. The only exception is if you're an active player in a current game. Once you are out of an event or the event ends you are welcome to sign up...

Good luck - and have fun!