Thursday, October 10, 2013

Designs used in this event...

Gate 1 - Rick - Swiss Time Expiration - Luxury, Sloped, X-Hvy Chassis, Hvy Suspension, Metal over Plastic F10/50 B0/24 L0/24 R0/24 T0/8 U0/8, 150 CID Engine w/VP Turbo & Supercharger & 10 points FP CA, 6 gallon Dueling Tank with 10 points FP CA, Driver D-40 Gunner G-40 with 10 points FP CA around crew compartment, 4 PlasticoreTires, TL Front laser linked to VFRP Front with 10 points FP CA around set, Dischargers - Flame Cloud Back, Flame Cloud Left, Flame Cloud Right, Sand Front, Spoiler & Airdam, 2 point metal Hubs Front, 2 point metal Guards Back, HD Shocks, HRSWC Gunner to TL, FE, 5 Links (Link1 TL to VFRP to OD, Link2 TL to VFRP to Sand, Link3 FCD to FCD to FCD, Link4 FCD Back to OD, Link5 FCD Left to FCD Right), 4 BT's (BT1 Front to Link2, BT2 Back to FCD Back, BT3 Left to FCD Left, BT4 Right to FCD Right), OD, Motion Compensator, 6336 pounds, $39,986

Gate 2 - Peter - D40 Lux - Luxury, Sloped & Streamlined, X-Hvy Chassis, Hvy Suspension, Metal over Plastic F18/9 B 0/16 Left 0/20 Right 0/20 T0/5 U0/8, 150 CID Engine w/Blueprinting & VP Turbo & Supercharger & 10 points CA, 7 gallon Dueling Tank with 10 points CA, Driver D-40 with 10 points CA, 4 Solid Racing Slicks, Dischargers - Ice Left, FCD Right, Paint Back, Spoiler & Airdam, 10 point Hubs Front, 10 point Guards Back, Ramplate, Roll Cage, 2 Nitrous Oxide, Safety Seat, Active Suspension, HD Shocks, 200 pound RB Back with 10 points CA, 3 Links (Link1 RB to NOS, Link2 all Dischargers, Link3 Link1 to Link2), 6587 pounds, $39,943

Gate 3 - Billy - Muncher - Luxury, CA Frame, X-Hvy Chassis, Hvy Suspension, LR Metal over Plastic F6/25 B 4/25 L4/35 R4/26 T2/20 U0/10, Large Electric PP w/Superconductors, Driver D-20 G-20 with 10 points CA & BA, Gunner G-40 with BA, 4 Plasticore Tires, Laser in Turret, 2 FG Left with 18 rounds each & 10 points CA around set, MD Back, IFE, 1 Link (FG to FG), TC for Driver, HRSWC Gunner to Laser, 6600 pounds, $39,130

Gate 4 - Rene - Vivica - Sedan, CA Frame, X-Hvy Chassis, Hvy Suspension, Plastic F70 B70 L45 R45 T10 U15, Sport Electric PP w/Platinum Catalysts, Driver D-20 G-20, 4 Solid Radial Tires, VMG w/HD Ammo Front, Spear 1000 MD w/TDX Ammo & Extra Magazine Back, Ice Dropper Back, Dischargers - Sand Front, FCD Back, Spoiler & Airdam, 10 point Hubs Front, 10 point Guards Back, 2 Links (Link1 MD to Ice, Link2 MD to FCD), Spoiler & Airdam, HD Brakes, Anti-Lock Brakes, HRSWC, IFE, HDHTM's, 6120 pounds, $39,815

Gate 5 - Roger - Carnivore - Luxury, X-Hvy Chassis, Hvy Suspension, Sloped Metal over FP Plastic F1/16 B2/16 L1/17 R1/17 T1/7 U1/7, Thundercat Electric PP, Driver D-20 G-20 w/10 points CA & IBA, 4 PR Steel Belted Radial Tires, RR w/HEAT ammo behind BTC Front w/10 points CA, Flaming Oil Jet w/HT Fuel Back w/10 points CA, Spoiler & Airdam, Fake Ramplate, 10 points Hubs Front, 10 point Guards Back, Active Suspension, HTM's, HRSWC, HD Brakes, No-Paint Windshield,

Gate 6 - Jeff - BOOP! - Luxury, X-Hvy Chassis, Hvy Suspension, Plastic F62 B25 L30 R30 T10 U12, 150 CID Gas Engine w/Blueprinting & VP Turbo & Supercharger & 10 points CA, 5 Gallon HD Gas Tank w/10 points CA, Driver Johnnee Haddees D-40 w/PFE & 10 points CA, Gunner Draconia Haddees G-40 w/PFE & 10 points CA, 4 PR Steel Belted Radial Tires, 3 RL's w/Incendiary Ammo Front, RL w/Incendiary Ammo in Top EWP, Dischargers - FCD Left, Flaming Oil Left, FCD Right, Flaming Oil Right, 8 point Hubs Front, 8 point Guards Back, HRSWC Gunner to RL's, 3 Links (Link1 Left Dischargers, Link2 Right Dischargers, Link3 Front RL's), Smart Link (EWP to Link3), EWP Ejector, 10 points EWP Armor, Active Suspension, Anti-Lock Brakes, HD Brakes, OD, 6596 pounds, $39.740

Gate 7 - Travis - The Monsoon - Luxury, X-Hvy Chassis, Hvy Suspension, Sloped FP Armor F32 B40 L35 R35 T9 U25, Large Electric PP w/Superconductors, Driver D-20 G-20 w/10 points FP CA, 2 PR Steelbelted & FP tires front, 2 PR FP tires back, 2 HMG's Front with 10 shots HD ammo each and one with an extra normal shot, HD Flaming Oil Jet behind BTC Back, 2 Drop-Spike Plates behind BTC Under, Dischargers - Sand Front, Ice Back, Flaming Oil & Flame Cloud Left, Flaming Oil & Flame Cloud Right,  2 Flame Cloud Top, Sand Under, Ice Under, Spoiler & Airdam, 2 9 point Hubs Front, 2 2 point Hubs Back, 2 9 point Guards Back, Active Suspension, Anti-Lock Brakes, HD Shocks, HRSWC to HMG's, Weapon Timer (fire 2 shots of HD Flaming Oil then stop), 14 Links (Link1 - HMG to HMG, Link2 - Link1 to HDFOJ, Link 3 - Link1 to DSP1, Link4 - Link2 to DSP2, Link5 Left Dischargers, Link6 - Right Dischargers, Link7 - WT to HD Flaming Oil, Link8 - Link7 to DSP1, Link9 - Link7 to DSP2, Link10 - Link9 to FC2 Top, Link11 - DSP1 to Ice Back, Link12 - DSP2 to Ice Under, Link13 - Link5 to Link6 to FC2 Top, Link14 - Link1 to Link5 to Link6), 10 Bumper Triggers (BT1 - Front to HMG1, BT2 - Front to HMG2, BT3 - Front to Sand Front, BT4 - Back to Ice Back, BT5 - Left to FOJ Left, BT6 - Left to FC Left, BT7 - Right to FOJ Right, BT8 - Right to FC Right, BT9 - Back to FC1 Top, BT10 - Front to Sand Under, 6600 pounds, $39,844

Gate 8 - Joseph - NNN - Sedan, X-Hvy Chassis, Hvy Suspension, Sloped Plastic F45 B31 L41 R25 T14 U17, Sport PowerPlant w/PC & SC, Driver D-20 G-20 w/PFE & BA & 10 points FP CA, 4 Solid Radial Tires, Oil/Paint Gun w/Flaming Oil Ammo Left, Dischargers - Sand Front, Ice Right, Oil Right, Ice Left, Oil Left, 2 Flame Cloud Top, 2 Flame Cloud Under, Ice Back, Active Suspension, No-Paint Windshield, HD Shocks, HRSWC, HDHTM's, Anti-Lock Brakes, HD Brakes, Roll Cage, Spoiler & Airdam, Ramplate, 10 point Hub Front Left, 8 point Hub Front Right, 2 2 Point Hubs Back, 10 point Guard Back Left, 8 point Guard Back Right, 8 Links (Link1 - Ice Back to Oil Right to Oil Left to FCD1 Under, Link2 - Oil Right to Ice Right to FCD1 Under, Link3 - Oil Left to Ice Left to FCD2 Top, Link4 Link1 to Oil Gun, Link5 - Link2 to Oil Gun, Link6 - Link3 to Oil Gun, Link7 FCD2 Under to Oil Gun, Link8 - HDHTM to Oil Gun), 4 Bumper Triggers (BT1 - Front to Sand Front, BT2 - Back to Link1, BT3 - Right to Link2, BT4 - Left to Link3), 6120 pounds, $39,961.90

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